The Day Monica Almost Set the Mall on Fire!

The Day Monica Almost Set the Mall on Fire

We have to tell you a story on through our blog about Monica and the 3 sparks, that lead to her almost setting a mall on fire in Northern California. This is one example, why being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world.

It was one of those “perfect storms” when everything came crashing down. She had end of year deadlines for work, the kids were wanting some rare toy/video game craze and her husband was no help because he didn’t get in to the holiday spirit because he traveled.

To say she was on edge is an understatement. She was late and was always pressed for time. So of course the day she really wanMall on Fire ted to move swiftly at the mall, she could not find parking on the rainy day. Ok, no biggie, she’d opt for mall valet since it was only five dollars.

Monica proceeds in the mall and splash, a car driving by soaks her from a puddle (spark 1). What can she do? She’s wet but on her mission she goes. One store, two store and yes! They have the game but there’s a problem…what system is it for? She doesn’t know if she should buy the game for her son’s Xbox, Playstation or computer.

In a frenzy, she calls her husband. He says, “I don’t know, why don’t you go in his room to see which one he has?” (Spark 2). Click, she’s so pissed she hangs up knowing, if she was at home she’d go in his room and get the answer herself, duh. Finally, she texts her son’s best friends mom. Ali says that the boys are always playing game on Xbox 360. Perfect!

To close out the transaction, she goes back to the counter excitingly, with the box in hand and tells the store representative, “I have the one I need.”

Here it comes…(Spark 3) will set the mall on fire!

The representative says, “Ma’am are you sure? That’s the last year edition, you’ll have to be on stand by for the newly released edition. She SCREAMS….NO [Bleeping] WAY, I’LL SET THIS MALL ON FIRE IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME THE [Bleeping] XBOX GAME I NEED !!!!!!!

Yes, call the fire fighters because Monica’s flammable fumes caught the 3rd spark.






Now, the million dollar question is what does the mall on fire have to do with date with my face? It has everything to do with why we exist. We understand Monica’s pain and we understand that “being a mom is the toughest job in the world.” Oprah Winfrey agree’s with us!

We want mothers everywhere to have a gift during the holidays that allow them to experience the joy, the relaxation and the beauty they require to overcome the challenges of being a mother. Date with my Face provides that box opening experience that can be on your doorstep in two-days with Amazon Prime.

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Mall on Fire