Secrets to Finding Gifts Under 50 Dollars

Secrets to Finding Gifts Under $50

It feels good to breathe and relax from work demands, mommy duties, traffic, fitness and grown-up obligations.

But wait, it’s holiday season and during these holidays and strange weather, we have to drive to the mall. It’s an American past time to spend hours in the mall by getting them the perfect gift that is cost effective but lavish at the same time.

There are so many ways we can show appreciation to loved ones but often it requires time and energy to think, navigate stores, or search complex websites. In the stores, there are quick and simple purchases but we know you’re more creative than that. Plus, you don’t want to go cheap for those in our circle.

Gifts under $50 are usually for friends. But sometimes it’s gamble when we buy cheap products we see and think. Time nor money doesn’t grow on trees, so we must get this right the first time.

Lewis Carroll said “One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.” 

We have to keep in mind to set the bar in how we give, not in price but by our value and uniqueness. For instance, here are three words to keep in mind when shopping for others:

  1. Honor – Would you be honored if someone gave that gift to you? Would you go to the roof and scream to everyone about how much you love this gift?Hmmm…think about the things you received and didn’t like. You probably would toss them, hide them in the depths a closet or give to someone at work you dislike.
  2. Rarity – Did you get something sitting on the end of the aisle at your local department store? These are sometimes those bait/trap gifts that are poorly made. Several people get coffee mugs, gift cards and mass produced items with no style.
  3. Useful – Once I was at a party  and I saw two men hug each other and show much enthusiasm after gifts were opened. Why? The recipient was so happy someone bought him tube socks. Yes, “tube socks.” The women in the room couldn’t believe it. To their surprise, men always need fresh socks and underwear. Many men hold on to dingy socks or underwear until they’re near dissolving. This is a great gag gift under $50. I guarantee it won’t go un appreciated

In conclusion, there are some unique gifts on the market that aren’t tube socks. One of which is called Date With My Face. Our goal has come to life! Becoming the hottest gifts under $50 is really how we change lives. Live by our motto, Help a Loved One “Spend Time With The Most Important Face in the World.”

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Gifts under $50.
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